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Accounting Software- alternative to PAID?

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I've been using Minutiae's software 'PAID" accounting software for years now and love it, but it is no longer being supported as of this year.  I upgraded to High Sierra without checking it and now it crashes constantly when I try to print invoices.  I sent an email to the designer, but he said that he is no longer testing it and the version that came out last August (which was tested with Sierra) is the last one.  


Is there anything else out there production-oriented you are using?  I am not really wanting to go down the Quickbooks rabbit hole if I don't have to.  


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I've been using Joist as an IOS app. Works pretty well, creates good looking invoices, allows you to keep an inventory of products and services, and shows you when your invoice has been opened, which I find useful since clients aren't nearly as pure of character these days. Also allows you to accept credit cards. The app is free to use and only gets a small percentage of credit card charges as means of compensation. 

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