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Tascam HS-P82 Knob Problem


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One of the trim knobs has fallen off my beloved Tascam HS-P82.  Ordinarily, I'd simply put the knob back on, and tighten the set screw, just as with any other knob on any other device on this planet.  However, the set screw on this particular knob is inceredbily tiny, by far the smallest I've ever seen, and I do not have a tool that fits it.


I tried calling Tascam, to ask what size the scew is, but nobody over there has any clue.  This is their flagship product, the most expensive thing they make, and not one person in their company can tell me the size of a simple screw.  That's mindblowing.


Fine people of the JW community, does anyone here have any idea what size this screw is?  I know there are other HS-P82 users here.  Have any of you encountered this issue, and found a solution?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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Hey Adam, good to see you finally on the forum.


Probably not the answer you want to hear but I think the easiest thing at this point would be to pick up one of those cheap allen key sets if you don't already have one and try the smallest sizes. The smallest commonly available metric size is 0.7mm and SAE is 0.028in. Those are tiny and I'd be very surprised if they used one smaller than that.

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Hey Pat,

Long time, no see, man. Hope all is well.

I was happily surprised by Tascam Customer Service, a little while ago. I'd thought they'd closed the matter, under the "we just can't answer that at all" category, but apparently someone over there kept going, and managed to find an answer. They emailed me to say they'd reached out to somebody in Japan, who had reported back that the magic number is 0.89 mm hex.

I've ordered that size wrench from Amazon, as not a single local hardware store has one even remotely that small. The smallest any store in the area has is 1.5 mm. If any had had smaller sizes on hand, then yes, I certainly would have discovered by simple trial and error which wrench fit, and all of this phone calling around the world would have been avoided. :)

Once the wrench arrives, I'll reply here again, to say whether it works or not, in case anyone else has the same problem.

Rick, thanks for the suggestion, regarding Tom Duffy. His posts on this forum were actually part of what initially had convinced me to buy the HS-P82 in the first place. I did PM him yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. I'm not sure if he had a hand in pushing Tascam for an answer or not. If he did, I'm grateful.

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Tom Duffy is your guy when it comes to Tascam stuff.  I had a crappy NP-1 that was a little bigger than normal ones (I guess) get stuck in the back of my HS-P82 once and he sent me the entire shop manual in order to disassemble the required parts to get it out manually.

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I'm pleased to report. the 0.89 mm hex wrench did the job.  Man, that thing is tiny.  I dropped it and had to go hunting for it, twice.


I've tightened up all the other knobs.  I feel so much better now.

Thanks for the help and suggestions, everyone who replied.

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