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Np-50 Bulk Charger

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So, I bought one of Joppes chargers. I thought for those interested, I‘d just report back about it. 

I used to have 12 individual single bay chargers of varying quality and price range. Some of those were ok, others I found annoying. There are cheap two-bay chargers on Amazon, but I don’t like them at all. They are also part of the reason why I‘m reluctant to buy the multi-bay charger from Sound Guys Solutions, because to be honest it looks like it’s made up of these cheap dual bay chargers. I don’t like those, because they are flimsy and lighter than the pull of the power cord (which is a light USB cable). And because every other time they don’t realize a battery has been inserted and I need to pull power and re-connect for them to start charging. 


Joppe‘s charger isn’t any of that. It’s very sturdy and has a good weight. Good because it feels solid and it stays put. There is just one power cord, of course. Thanks to it I could greatly reduce the clutter in my charging drawer. The charge bays are also very solid and you just slot in the battery against a decent  amount of frictional resistance which helps to keep the battery in place. I like the overall feel of the charger. Otherwise there isn’t really a lot to say about it. Once the battery is in it starts charging right away and the associated LED turns orange and once done it turns green. So far I‘ve had 45 shoot days with it and it has performed flawlessly. I never had to pull power, never had to re-insert a battery. 


There two things I wasn’t entirely excited about:

the charger is always on. This can be annoying at times, especially in a hotel room, because it’s very bright - something I otherwise really like about it. But Joppe said he could easily install a power switch, he just hadn’t considered it. So if you buy one, you may want to mention that. 

The second thing is somewhat related: when no batteries are inserted, there is a faint high pitched tone coming from the charger. You don’t notice it until you sleep next to it. This would also be cured with a power switch. But in practice this is no big deal, because as soon as a battery is inside the noise stops. Even if the battery is full. I have lots of other chargers which do this, too. Even the most expensive Sony DV charger. 

These aren‘t really problems, but I thought I‘d mention them anyway. 

So that‘s it really. I highly recommend this if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on Lectro‘s charger. Even if you did, I suspect that Joppes charger will suit many people better, for its form favtor if nothing else. 

I‘m really happy with it, as I was really annoyed by the previous charging situation 


Edit: forgot to mention: there’s no fan inside! Apart from the really faint tone there’s no noise coming from the charger

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Thank you for the kind words ! i am  really glad it works out ! i am planning on changing some things that will solve the power switch and the whining. 
It makes me really happy to see someone happy with something i created.

Happy holidays !

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