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al mcguire

Curtis Mayfield - People Get Ready

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Music is important to me. 

There are some songs and songwriters that go right to my heart.

They can fill me with light on very dark days. 

Curtis Mayfield is one of those artists, and People Get Ready (1965) is one of those songs.



I usually stay w/ the original versions of hit records but for this I found a live performance on youtube to better show his guitar playing.




Curtis always had his own sound and it was largely due to the tuning he used which was a F# open tuning, not one you see often. It is also the black keys on a piano and for a self taught musician in a family with a piano it was a godsend, no bad notes if you stay on the black keys.


For the guitar players on jwsound here is how to tune to a F# tuning


and if you want to learn People Get Ready here are the signature melody lines



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