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Viviana Straps


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Yeah, same general design, material, thickness, etc.


Differences are the velcro termination looks to be more of a "V" and they come with the strip to secure the Tx (which URSA doesn't, or at least when I purchased). Also, URSA use one solid and wide Poly grip whereas Viviana use two thinner double grips for their T size. And you can get a logo which I suppose could be cool? Where nobody can see it?  They seem to be equally comfortable from the buzz I've been hearing on social media.


URSA remind me of a cross between Neopax and those belts Location Sound (I think) used to sell that were essentially just an elastic band you would thread through a pouch.  

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15 hours ago, bary555 said:

I want to order a 100€ set. Which do you guys recommend to be most all around? Type/size? Thinking of viviana or ursa


I recommend large size belts. I have 2 mediums, 1 small and 1 large.

I found myself to use more frequently the large size; rather than medium.

Have in mind, you can use the small size of belt as thigh, in some cases.

Viviana also offers thigh and ankle versions. Also an XS small size belt.

If I had to buy now, I would have chosen 2 large, 1 small and 1 ankle. 

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