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Ty Ford

Custom low profile right angle plugs - Seen this?

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1 hour ago, Ty Ford said:

Or do you enjoy making 'em yourself?


I wouldn't say I enjoy it… 


I cheated and took the easy way out when I made my bag jumpers- I used Neutrik XLRs and just cut the boot off the retaining nut. The nut still closes the collet to secure the cable, and the overall length is about 1/2" shorter. That allows enough room for the cable to turn without being pressed up against the side of the bag.


It's fine for my needs, and was way less work than cutting the threads off the shell.

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for $10 a connector it certainly wins the cost vs. labor debate. The current $20 connectors were too much in my opinion. I've heard rumors that new mini connectors were coming from Cable Techniques, and now that they are here I'll be getting a couple to replace the "good enough" DIY monstrosities in my kit.

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