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MixPre 10T - Questions Re: Using 10T as a USB Audio Interface

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Hi All,


Just perusing the manual for the MixPre 10T  -  Sorry if  I'm missing it in the manual or in the forums, I don't see any mention of power requirements or specific USB connections when the 10T is used as an audio interface into a computer. 


What I'd like to know is :


- can the unit operate solely on bus power, in my case from an iMac with the older USB ports? 

- does the unit need batteries in the sled or external power when acting as a USB interface, even if it can indeed be bus powered?

- is the USB "C" Port the correct one, when using 10T as an interface? The manual doesn't specify connections directly, though the Specs imply USB C

- can I go out of the 10T's USB "C" Port  and directly into my iMac's USB "2.0" input using a single cable like this :  USB C Male (from 10T)  to Type A USB (into iMac USB Port)


- any issues using a USB extender cable at the standard USB end?

- if just recording through the unit, strictly acting as an audio interface into the computer, does an SD card need to be present in the MixPre?


Thanks very much for indulging these very specific questions - always appreciated :-)


Best Regards,







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the 10t cannot operate solely on bus power, The mixpre 3 and 6 can.


You should use the USB-C connection to use it as an interface.


I use a  USB-C to USB-A(standard usb) 3.0 cable, like the one in your link, for the connection as an audio interface to my 2015 macbook pro and it works great.


I haven't tried using a usb extender with it and in the past have generally always tried to connect audio interfaces directly to the computer without any type of usb hub or extender but it may work fine. I may try it out tomorrow just for the sake of knowing for sure.


an SD card is not needed if you are using it as an interface.

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I just recorded my first vocal session using the MixPre 10T on my Macbook Pro. Used a USB hub and all went well. Very happy with the sound of the pre's and limiters. ~kathryn/sonicfruit

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Hi Kathryn,


Thanks for sharing your experience using the MixPre 10T as an audio interface into your MacBook Pro. Can I ask how you powered your MixPre when used in conjunction with your laptop? Did you use the optional wall power supply?  I understand that would be the best studio powering option but perhaps you've had success with internal rechargeable AA batteries or external battery powering?


I've been curious to hear vocals (and instruments) tracked into a DAW through the MixPre's preamps and limiters. I'd love to hear your vocal tracks and/or finished result, if you'd care to share.  I'm assuming your vocal tracking was a musical session as opposed to a voice-over?


Can I ask what DAW you used? How did you find the functionality and latency with the MixPre as an interface?


Also, great to know that you had success using a USB hub. Was your Hub a USB "C" input version? From your Hub into your MacBook, do you use USB "C"  or the older standard USB-A?


Thanks again. Wishing you a great day.




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