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Multi Tasking !!!


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Contacted by an Australian company today.


Simple job then:


Could you pick me up from the airport and drive to location,


Are you open to been an extra team member on the day separate to the sound?
 i.e. Suggestions of another camera angle, hold a drone battery etc. 
Guess they call it up-skilling!
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That's a tough call!  


Frankly, I have worked with some wonderful, kind, "good ol boy", small producers that operate just like that.  They are obviously accustomed to a simpler style of production and usually from a very small market where everyone is buddy, buddy.  Generally they just "don't know better", but are terrific people.


On the other hand I've worked with others just like that who had every intention of taking advantage of me.  It's hard to say.  Either way it can be a little tough on the pride.  None the less, the ones that were legitimate and like that, I usually really enjoyed working with them.






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21 hours ago, mikewest said:

Nice Tom


Provided they pay the invoice what the hell!




Well as long as they hire you as a sound recordist you can say to yourself: I'm the best payed drone battery holder in town! That's what I think then too while being a kind of taxi driver, GoPro installer, tripod carrier, watchman...

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