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sandisk extreme pro vs extreme


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I just purchased used sound devices 664 and was wondering if a SanDisk extreme pro 64 GB is worth the extra money compared the SanDisk extreme, the speed writing is almost the same, what else requirement (in addition the commercial) is really important to consider? 

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SD Cards: If you're brand loyal to SanDisk (like me), go for the Extreme Pros, they have the same write speed as the Sound Devices, I've noticed the Extremes can    struggle a bit on days with higher track counts, as I think they have less than half the write speed (40MB/s???) of the Pros, but if you do primarily interview or corporate and really (I mean REALLY) need to save money then the Extreme are probably fine, but I prefer to stock Pros. Both are on the approved media list. https://www.sounddevices.com/support/approved-media/6-series-approved-media-list


CF Cards: I always have an Extreme Pro CF loaded, so no matter what the job is, I know my backup media is always fine to take over as primary if all my SD cards suddenly catch fire or something. ;-)

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13 hours ago, chrismedr said:

short story:

get the Sound Devices branded ones or at least some of their approved list if you're doing this for a living.


the long story can be found in various other discussions on this forum ; )



extreme and extreme pro are both on the approved list

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