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Kortwich Cardioid Pro SDC

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I'm going to buy one of these guys soon.


I did a simple test at home and quite liked it.
But I'm not a professional sound mixer.
Does anybody of you have some experience with it?
Any information welcome!
I can share additional data (frequency response, polar pattern, actual pictures) if needed.


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It's in the Sennheiser MKH 8040 class I'd say.

It has a high sensitivity of 23mV/Pa and a really special HPF built in.


The freuquency response seems to be perfect for booming with a slight top at 10kHz and that special HPF with a rather extreme low cut and the extra top at 120Hz

Frequenzgang NierePro.jpg


The polar pattern is also very nice up to 4000Hz and a typical cardoid pattern I'd say:



This is how it looks like






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Really short, reminds of the pencil condenser mics for drum overheads. The question is how often can you use the cardioid for booming. Not too much in my experience. So you'll need a hyper too. Are the capsules interchangeable? If not I would go for the 80x MKH series or even a Schoeps CMC6, which are more expensive but if you only count the (cardioid) capsule it would be actually cheaper than the Kortwich. 

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No interchangeable capsules.


I'll use it in an M/S combo with the Kortwich Acht figure eight on camera and on a boom, too.


CMC6 plus 2 capsules is definitely another pricerange. If I'd get a used combo on a bargain...


Sennheiser stopped selling seperate capsules 2 years ago and I always did not like the low frequency response of the MKH 80x0s. Definitely not made for easy on camera usage. I did like the older MKH50/50 series, but these are a lot bigger...


That's why these Kortwich mic's got my attention.


I know that the Sennis and Schoeps are proven workhorses, but not in my pricerange unfortunately. :(

Remember I'm a cameraman first and sound is not my profession really.





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