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Bob K

Scam offer from "FreeFlow Production"

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Just for your amusement, here's the latest scam.  It started with a text message.  "Your profile was received from Mandy.com.  I'm Kim Wang from FreeFlow Production, a film production company based in south-east Asia..."


They had a "project coming up in (my) district," and "we are in need of your skill."  I was asked to "confirm (my) skill, availability and email your updated resume to vsw.official@gmail.com."  It already smelled like a scam, but I am getting more (legit) job offers by text message these days, and some don't even bother to give their name or company name.  I googled and found a company in Singapore called "FreeFlow Productions," so I attached my resume to an email.


Here's the email I received in response, in full:

Greetings, I hope this beautiful day finds you doing well? I received your resume in response to my message. Thanks for the confirmation of your availability and sorry for the delay in response. Your profile has been reviewed and you sound great.
About Me:
Recruitment officer at "FreeFlow Production", a company based in south-east Asia.  I work as affiliate recruitment officer and Production Manager in the USA. I need some assistance at this time that's why I need someone who can work with me hand in hand throughout the production period. It will take a week and it will be shot in different locations. We are presently working on a short film which I'm directing the production aspect, although work hasn't commenced and we should start working on the film in the next couple of weeks. The Production will take place in your area on 2 of April to 7th of April Our Location manager will disclose locations in the meantime. You will work closely with me and other crew throughout the production process, Duties basically would be:
-Production medic
-Assisting with booking of production equipment within your locality.
Your present job doesn't affect the Status of the job. I will need to place you on trial period, I need someone who can perform his or her duties with resourceful and proactive in dealing with problems and queries, All I need you to do is to complete all task in a timely manner. I am being thorough and explanatory here because I have hired people in the past who did not live up to what I expected and this time, I do not want to make the same mistake.
 I have decided to offer you a probationary offer (trial period). Here I want to see how you would demonstrate your skills and how exceptional you are and how efficient and on time you will be. I will need you to perform a couple of tasks for me during this coming week, which are part of basic duties you will be performing before the project fully start and if I am impressed and convinced that you are right for the job, I will be setting up a meeting with you once am done with this shooting am presently working on.
Your wage for the trial period will be $1,100 and full weekly payment and bonuses for the upcoming projects will be discussed during an interview. If the above work for you, I will take all necessary steps and make my financial advisor have payment issued for these purchases and tasks and mailed to you. The trial period runs for 3days . If you want to sign up for this, kindly provide the details below:
Your Full name;
Mailing Address;
City, State, Zip Code :
Mobile Phone Number:
Best time to reach you during the trial period:
• AD & D Insurance
• 401(k)
• Medical, Dental, Vision
Type: Part-Time
Hours: 20 Hours per week
Days:  5days per week
Weekly Pay: $1100
Best Regards

Production medic?  Probationary offer?


 My reply:


Thank you.  You sound great too.  I look forward to receiving your check for $1,100.  Once the check has cleared my bank you will be entitled to one day of my services as a Sound Mixer.

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Someone had attempted a scam like that on me about six months ago, They got my info from the Production Hub directory.,They stated they where a production company (local company name they pulled from the phone book) and used  'recognizable' names for their personnel..Out of the blue, I received a $7K check (third-party), for equipment that was being sent me.. which was suspicious to say the least..The principle contact had stated he was a photographer getting into the film biz, I checked this out and 'that' photographer had died a year or so ago. The local production company (wedding and events) was unaware of any of this, I told the scammer if they contacted me again, I was taking the check and other info to the FBI. That's the last I heard from them.

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Probably a (fairly) standard "Nigerian 419" scam. They will send you a check for some amount over what was agreed upon, then they'll ask you to wire the difference to a 3rd party. The check will be bogus, but it will take your bank a few days to figure that out. Thus, the only real money that will move is yours into the 3rd party account.

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I hadn't noticed, but the sentence "I will take all necessary steps and make my financial advisor have payment issued for these purchases and tasks and mailed to you" is buried in the email.  Maybe the scam involved having me pay for "production equipment" during the probationary "trial period."  Really lame.

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