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MixPre 10T - Audio Interface Setup Into Logic - Music Tracking Operational Questions


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Hi fellow MixPre 10T users,


Is anyone using their MixPre 10T as an interface into Logic, in full advanced mode?  Have you found a fluid workflow? I'm finding the manual lacking when it comes to using the 10T in a multitrack music recording session with a typical DAW. 


I'm quite used to using the Apogee Maestro control software that controls my Duet, though only 2 channels. I gather that all the control of the MixPre 10T in USB interface mode is done strictly within the MixPre 10T machine itself? As someone already suggested, hopefully Sound Devices might come up with a software control panel.


Just trying to wrap my head around the signal flow when using the 10T as a multi-channel audio interface. If you have any workflow, settings tips or resources to share that would be most appreciated.  In the meantime, back to the manual and trial and error :-))


Thanks kindly.




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Unfortunately, class-compliant USB interfaces will not have the multi-client audio features you're used to in a more full-featured audio interface, usually it the internal routing.mixing that's the issue as you noted;  well that and drivers optimized for low latency recording and playback. I say this as a loving owner of a USBPre2 and a 552 (which I had tried to sell for a MixPre10T btw.) 


While you'll get get access to the physical inputs and outputs, you're going to have to to a dance to move audio around internally (virtual routing within OS X). 


There are some options to get around this. They will require a bit of work on your part (however, as with most things, you'll be the better for it):

  • Jack Audio for OS X; probably the most powerful option, but also the most challenging to wrap one's head around. Once you do though... ;)
  • Recently I've also been using this free app I stumbled across called LadioCast (which was designed simply as a way to send streaming audio to various services) but works as a simple virtual mixer in OS X. It is very limited compared to Maestro or RME's Totalmix (which is hard to beat) and is very limited channel-wise. But it's not nothing and it costs nothing.
  • The good-old SoundFlower (it still exists but it now lacks the front-end that could help with mixing/routing in High Sierra)
  • There are also tools like Rogue Amoeba's Loopback/Hijack - but I haven't played with them to a great degree.

With a class-compliant interface, once you get to the type routing you're used to where you might want internal playback on virtual outs 5-6 & 9-10 to go to analog outs 3-4 and 7-8 all while re-routing the incoming audio to some other outputs virtually, it's just one of those right-tools-for-job things. I wish the MixPre series was made with internal, zero-latency routing/mixing, but I don't believe it's trivial. Heck a fair number of strictly-interfaces on the low-end are only class-compliant for OS X. 


While I would bet that eventually we'll start seeing true, portable all-in-one solutions (imagine a battery-powered 1/2 rack RME UFX with DURec). The real answer in the near term, would more likely lie with something like MADI or DANTE I/O on the future MixPre/6-series and then a simple interface like the highly portable USB3 Digiface DANTE (or similar); that way they can work as emergency interfaces, but could be connected as high-quality front-ends to true interfaces without SoundDevices having to dilute their gene pool too much. 





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