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Viviana or Ursa?

Alejandro Reyes

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15 hours ago, John Ronnerblad said:

I’m going to buy some Ursa straps but am not sure if I’m going to get the small or the larger sized pocket. I mainly use Lectro SMDB’s and I know that both sizes should fit. But if now the cable pocket is a bit small, is it wise to go with the larger pocket to have some more space for the cable?




You would be perfectly fine with the small pouch. The only difference between the pouch sizes is that the large is pouch is deeper to accomodate taller transmitters. As Constantin mentions, if the transmitter feels loose OR if the person wearing the device will be doing someting quite physical such as jumping around then you may need to use the URSA Pouch Protectors which come as a pack of four.

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Hi mate! Finally there is a comparison between the two fabric and as you can see they are not the same.

This is the real innovation and quality: a slim, breathable and soft strap that keep out the liquid from the tx as much as possible. 

Made in Italy quality seems to be one step beyond once again.

Best regards



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On 3/31/2022 at 5:57 AM, Fred Salles said:

Sorry old topic, but does anyone know if the color codes of these two foe/friends great manufacturers are aligned or they came up with different ones? 

They do not match each other. 

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