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Fostex DV824


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I recently bought one of these for $70 and have been using it to record music at home.   I saw on a couple of posts mention of software 2.25. The one I bought has 2.21.  


After cleaning it up it works well, but I am not able to export files to the computer, I believe because of the disc format UDF. Does anyone know if a later software would format the DVDRAM in Fat32, and if it is still available somewhere? 




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I 'think' that you can get utilities that will allow you to read udf discs within windows etc....


I seem to remember that usually the problem is that the CD/DVD drive on your computer does not read udf formatted discs.


iirc, udf is the format on most/many cf cards


Have you tried to read it on a mac?


v 2.22 is on the Fostex website. no mention of 2.25 there



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