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Bob K

Deal Memo — Indemnification, Termination Without Cause, No Further Negotiation

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I recorded a bizzare job in Fiji 8 years ago


Producers were the grandsons of Darryl Zanuck!!! (20th Century Fox)


Six weeks of shooting on beaches and in jungles


Lovely German DP shooting on a Sony handheld!!!!?????!!! - Sorry we need to slate takes !!!???!!!


My local PM fixed a labour rate but we did not discuss equipment as they needed the world!


Very loose shoot, 7 minute masters and no coverage !!!!


Come the day of reckoning and the non disclosure document the gear was about closure


OK I used a big multi-track kit and a small run and gun kit


Here's my equipment deal - OK - deal done - ND document signed!!


Production never released to this day - lots of web profile


Gee guys and gals the things we get tied up in!!!





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