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MixPre knob

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Designed and 3D printed a "knob extender" for my MixPre-6. Even thick headphone jack connector still fits, but the knob has a better grip and is easier to reach when operated in a bag.
Download the .stl file (for 3D printing) here: http://knowledge.lom.audio/research/mixpre_knob

Or get it from our company here: https://lom-label.myshopify.com/products/mixpre-knob


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Thanks for sharing. Inspired by your idea I created my own knob design for my MixPre-6. I has rounded corners and fits to the MixPre´s fluent design. It allows for super easy control of the headphone encoder and is a huge improvement compared to using the tiny original HP encoder knob.


I attatched the .stl file for everyone to download and print. Commercial use not allowed. Have fun printing!


Download .stl file: MixPre_encoder_knob.stl



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19 hours ago, TVPostSound said:



Thank you for the file.


What material did you use?

I have some leftover carbon fiber fill PLA, thinking of using that.


I used some simple PLA which I had lying around. I think the manufacturer is JANBEX, I bought it from Amazon almost two years ago and it has a soft, almost oily surface when printed, similar to nylon. All my other PLAs don't have that property.


I never printed with carbon fiber but I imagine it having quite a rough surface. So it might not be the best choice for a high skin contact usecase like this. But I might be wrong.

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