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3-pin Lemo for DPA 4061

Ilari Sivil

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I'm looking at what could be a good deal on some 4061s that are hardwired to Sennheiser TRS, and I'd like to redo them in Senn/AudioLtd/Wisy/Lectro SSM-compatible 3-pin Lemo. From what I've researched a bit, one would need the right connector to get the right cable diameter for the strain relief to work properly. Any clues on the right connector and a European source?

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Dialed the wrong number for the DPA lavs I want.
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9 minutes ago, Constantin said:


In my morning grogginess, I accidentally went for the wrong number. I meant the 4061s. Editing now.


9 minutes ago, Constantin said:

That should work, if the cable diameter is the same. Sennheiser's part catalog has two versions for their different lavs, probably due to the cable diameter.
( http://spares.sennheiser.co.uk/wireless-3000-5000-series/lemo-connectors ) 

I don't have Sennheiser lavs or DPA 4061s readily available, so it would be really nice if someone could check if they match.

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