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So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

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13 minutes ago, Constantin said:


When they came out with the 788T originally there was a Cantar and a Deva. More or less the same situation as today.

The lower end is where the competition is, but they have that covered nicely. 

I‘d say there is pretty healthy market for a follow-up to the 788, but of course that may well be wishful thinking on my part


The market was less saturated as now. When the 788 came out, cheaper (and less capable, but more than enough for most users) recorders where not available or way less in quality. 

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23 hours ago, Tom Visser said:

I love the 788t overall, but it has failed me too many times for my liking.



Wow.  That has not been my experience with the 788T (knock wood.)  In the more than 10 years I have owned mine, it has actually failed. . . .


Once.  Wore out the original HDD after 9 1/2 years.  New SSD and back into business for what I would guess is another 10 years.


Maybe worth sending it in for a check-up.  I send mine in maybe every two years for "routine maintenance."  Costs in the $350 range and the machine comes back completely to factory spec and good as new.


FW all that IW.



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Based on personal experience in manufacturing, NAB doesn't need to be the thing that a new product launches at. The past 5-8 years it's been a "wow, not a whole lot of new stuff at NAB" kind of thing. While there sure are new things at NAB this year, we live in a world where it is easy to announce a new product and get word out about it very quickly to many people at any time of the year. Last year SD released three new MixPre recorders, which have done very well, and they just recently announced the MixPre-10M. They announced ambeo recording support on these recorders at NAB. The 633 was announced and started shipping in the fall of the year it came out. At K-Tek, I wasn't as concerned with announcing something new at NAB. Product development cycles run their course, and if something is ready in the summer or fall or winter, then that's when it is ready. I much prefer announcing a new product when I can actually ship it rather than announce something and say "it won't be shipping for 6 months".

At my new gig (Warm Audio), we announced our new mics and new mic pres when we were ready to ship, which was late last year and have shipped thousands of units so far. Waiting for a trade show was not optimal, nor necessary. Trade shows are great for meeting new potential re-sellers and end users, and is a chance for people to get their hands on gear if they don't live close to a re-seller, as well as see people we haven't seen in a while and network. It's not like it was in years past where manufacturers would scramble to get something ready for NAB because that's when you had to announce something and there were all kinds of big surprises.

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The upside to being at NAB is brands get a tonne of coverage of items that they announced already and are showing at NAB

For instance sites like No Film School has tonnes of articles up from NAB of products which is all "old news" to me, but they wouldn't have otherwise covered if not for NAB focusing in the attention. 

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