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DPA 4060 stereo pair ambience gathering - thoughts about this sound clip?

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Hi all,


Stumbled on this on YouTube - not my clip.

Just curious about your thoughts on this clip using 2 DPA 4060 lavs as ambience gathering mics. Am I hearing slight phasing? How much reach can these sub-miniature mics get in order to produce useful recordings?  Hope to experiment with a 4060 or 4061 as a plant mic.

Thanks for your thoughts, as always :-)






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Been using them for years ... as ambience gatherers on this metro line and many others!

As the clip demonstrates they sound great and at 20mV/Pa (akin to the Sennheiser MKH ranges, although not so super quiet) the 4060 has plenty of reach for most applications - including as ambient plants if needed (for which I've used them too).


I really can't imagine anybody coming away disappointed from a DPA 4060 purchase. True, they're not cheap, but for what they are they are the best - and an investment for life (or at least until you eventually get careless enough to stick them somewhere REALLY stupid).



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