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Marry takes on 664


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yes, Video Toolshed BWF Sequencer. Will join non-contiguous takes and fill in the gaps with silence. Bouke wrote it for me to create single files from a half-day's shooting to hand off to Music staff. The timecode is still correct so they can give timecoded notes. It's here: https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/bwfsequencer/ 

Still in Beta, so it shuts down each time you do a set (demo restriction) but he can unlock it for you if you like it.

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Be aware that BWF sequencer currently does NOT create RF64, so if you're doing more than a few channels, the 4 gig limit will byte you very quickly.

(I could add RF64 if needed though.)

Another thing, Bwf does NOT have timecode, it has a timeSTAMP. (sample counter)

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