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Lin Chang

Alt monitor (c|24) to HDMI?

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Hello again hive mind!


Im thinking in upgrading the TV set in my studio but I´ve found myself wondering "How will I send audio from my alt monitor output to the tv when VGA + PC In combo is gone? (at least from 90% of the new tvs available)


I´ve found splitters that come out of hdmi ports and then turn into wither components or even vga+ stereo mini jack audio but I haven´t been able to find the same kind of deal in the opposite direction (separate video and audio to a single hdmi). 


Most of the tv sets i´m interested in buying only have hdmi ports as inputs and some of them also have components. 

I currently have my alt monitor out from my c|24 connected to the audio pc in of my LG (quite old now) and video goes through a vga port (thunderbolt to vga to be more precise)


I need this to be able to check my mixes for tv shows through real life tv speakers. 


How are you guys doing this with new tv sets?


Many thanks!

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Hello Lin,


I know your pain!

It is quite difficult these days to have a "shitbox" listen.


Depending on the length of the content I mix I sometime compress a quicktime to play on my phone.

Sometimes I put my main monitors thru SpeakerPhone. It can emulate all kind of tv sets and radio sets.


I think auratones are way too expensive!


My 0.02$




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what your looking for is an HDMI audio embedder.  You can find them on eBay for $50+ dollars or you can go for a more pro level one like BlackMagic or AJA.

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Franky03, i´m thinking of getting a sound bar as a shitbox as a solution to my problem, I don´t really knkow how good of a solution this is though. Tom, I can´t find audio+video to hdmi embedder, i do find it the other way around and even audio to hdmi embedder but with no video. Could you send me a link if you know where to find one?


Thanks to both of you :)



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