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Seeking GOLD RE-20 (a la Rush . . .)

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Hello, Soundies  (cross-posting to a couple of discussions)  --

A project I'm prepping has a scene with Rush Limbaugh (or, a reasonable facsimile), and I'm hoping to find a good-sounding, good-looking version of his microphone  -  the legendary GOLD ElectroVoice RE-20.  I hope there's one out there that I might rent  -  please tell me !

Thanks  --  Glenn Berkovitz   glennb@pobox.com  (Hollywood)

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On 5/10/2018 at 7:26 PM, tourtelot said:

Hi Glenn.  No Gold RE20; only grey :)


But hope you are doing super well.




Hi, Doug !  Yeah, I guess in Seattle you've got the moss-covered version . . .  Fond regards !

Thanks for good thoughts, mates !  My 'rush' to create a gold RE-20 has slowed, with a production pause for a week.  Props has a non-working mic that they're applying their Midas touch to; after that, I hope to insert the best possible mic element (SM57, Schoeps, ECM-50 ?) into the heart of the beast.  I'll post updates  --

(This past week, I spoke with 16 audio rental or prop rental companies  -  no suitable golden RE-20 to be had.  A couple of promising leads, but nothing materialized.  I'm surprised there isn't one out in the world already . . .)

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