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Wisycom MCR42/40 vs A10 dual Audio Limited

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Hey guys


I'm looking for somebody who might have some experience or can help me with some rather easy questions.
I'm going to get me a pair of microports and the decision is differently between Wisycom's or AL.

What is currently stopping me from getting the A10 is range. Is there are way i can connect better antennens at the receiver but still for functioning well in a sound bag. 

OR is the range problem in A10 just something on the internet and how are they in real life situation? Fields/apartments/multi-router-wifi-places?


or am i just being blown away by internal recording/bluetooth/smooth interface and should i just go with the stabil Wisycom's? 

Looking much into advices and especially experience with both!

Thanks in advance!

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I was just at wisycoms the other day. I had a demo audio limited A10 and was comparing it to a wisycoms. Both units were laying on a bench next to each other. Did a walk test with both got about 600 feet on both before dropping out. Inside a building on metal and concrete and the units were inside walking outside. Distance on the A10 did not seemed to be a problem. Both wisycoms guys and I had a real hard time telling the difference between the two. They sound very much the same. 

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Also interested in this comparison. How is the limiter sounding on new wisycom units?

I remember reading here that their early units's limiters were not that good, and on the wisycoms site it says that the transmitters have new "HW" (as in hardware, i guess?) limiter. 

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