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Ambient ACD 301RF

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I have ACD301rf.  Obviously, not one one the current generation of time code products but still very viable for 99% of workflows.  I have used ambient slates for close to 20 years....   


Love its size for doc work, fits in my bag when i need it to.  ;(   Not as user friendly as other slates. No backlight and no obvious way to change brightness is are some of their complaints.   But once ACs get used to it- most like it.  The weak point in design that i have found is battery compartment( weak point in most slates BTW)  -- i have had connection repaired several times...  sometimes fixed myself, sometimes sent to service dept.   I have never had need for RF feature.   


Newer slates have more bells and whistles and much lower battery consumption....  brighter etc...  





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