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Jay Rose

Laurel/Yanni: a new chapter!

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Remember last week's Internet meme?


I spent the week doing spectrographic analysis on dozens of clips from Vocabulary.com (the originator of "laurel/yanni"), Dictionary.com, NPR, and an instantly recognizable voice-over actor. What caused the ambiguity? Phonetic science suggested a couple of likely causes... but it's definitely not just a question of high vs low.


Then I talked to the Chief Technical Officer of Vocabulary.com. He told me historic facts about their workflow and technology. They knocked most of my theories out the window... but suggested a completely different one!


Unfortunately, the original actors' recordings are lost to time, so we can't absolutely verify. But it's likely.

And what I did learn can have some application to production and post!


It's at JayRose.com.

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