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Editing numerous times – Bad?


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I have a tendency to make one or two edits to most things I post, usually to re-word something or to add onto the post. Recently, I edited this recent post in the Zoom F8n topic probably six times as I found more and more things to put in it, and part of me felt guilty thinking I might break something on the site as a result, or that you (Mr. Wexler) might have a flood of notifications about it.


I figured I should make sure: Does repeatedly editing a post pose any harm to the site or be a nuisance for you or Laurence (or anyone else for that matter)?

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22 minutes ago, Philip Perkins said:

I thought that was what the edit function was for?


Of course. Though I once accidentally annoyed a moderator on a different web forum, since every time I edited a comment, it would end up in their spam filter. Just don’t want a similar thing happening.


Not the most urgent of concerns, I know.

Edited by Daniel Ignacio
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