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Deity Microphones going Wireless

Vincent R.

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They are asking us for input, what we wanna see in an upcoming new wireless RX/TX kit. It's a tough market with fairly reasonable options from Sony and Sennheiser in the low budget segment, so interesting to see what they will come with to compete with these industry giants.


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If they’re going to stay a budget brand, I’d like to see them improve upon Sennheiser’s G3/G4 bodypacks. All-metal hardware, ability to connect different antennas, better dynamic range, and digital transmission. Oh, and timecode, since these budget systems usually end up as camera hops. At the same time, I’d like it to be as small as the G3/G4 (cough RodeLink cough), with its locking connectors, and its easy user experience.


If I can dream, then I want some all Zaxcom-level benefits at a lower price.

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I'd like something that would work well as a camera hop or an IFB. Small, light and with a headphone amp on the receiver in addition to the actually line level output. Also,  two actual SMA-antennae on the receiver, preferrably with a hinge so the receiver can be used horizontally or vertically without reception suffering for it.

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Audio quality and build is a given but these would be my main interests in something to replace my G3s for scratch track/IFB duty.


-Better RF shielding and rejection on the receiver NOT for better overall range but just to help deal with the outrageous and unchecked amount of RF spray that the camera rigs are emitting. Camera mounting is a hostile environment for wireless receivers and even my Lectro SRb has trouble sometimes. A G3 on a clean frequency will easily fill half its RF meter once placed on camera. It's an issue. With outboard LCD monitors, viewfinders, Teradek Tx, DC battery distro, no grounding scheme... it's a mess! I know, check all the cables on camera.. this is rarely possible "Hey AC friend, can you swap out all your BNC's on this camera with better ones?" Yeah right.  If a receiver is going to go on cameras it needs to deal with this on-going issue. Maybe that means no screen on the receiver? More shielding internally. Tight filters? Narrowband?? I don't know but engineering a solution to that would be a priority for me.


-Better intermod control on the transmitter end. This is an area where a G3 will quickly pale in comparison to Lectro. If you're using a single G3 transmitting from your bag no issues but I've found if I'm using two Lectro transmitters for left-right as well as the G3 for IFB I will often have massive spikes throughout my other blocks. I believe this is due to lack of intermod-reducing components in the G3 transmitter output stage. Lectro has isolators of one type or another on most of their transmitters to prevent this. 


But if Deity is just thinking of making another 2.4GHz plug-n-play wireless that can't pair with more than one receiver I'd say no thanks.

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I will start from what I don't wanna see:


- No 2.4 GHz band

- No narrow bandwidth (470 MHz - 600 MHz / 130 MHz bandwidth is enough)

- No fixed antenna

- No XLR input (transmitter) & output (receiver)

- No infrared controller (like Audio Limited 2040)

- No special batteries (like Sennheiser Digital 9000 Series)



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I went on wave report and mentioned what I want to see:


A dual receiver for starters to monitor 2 TX's

A never clip option like what Zaxcom is doing with the 200 series

An IFB option like Lectrosonics is doing

Finally an ENG system to go wireless boom


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My main things would be some form of lateral pin connectors, whether that be hirose, TA5 or basically anything other than 3.5mm. As I said in another post, I have had hella trouble with 3.5mm connectors on G3 transmitters when a talent has it in their pocket and puts pressure on the connector the tip of the pin is "levered" away from the contact causing crackling audio.


I'd love to see a small IFB receiver with headphone jack and volume knob. In this case I wouldn't have any issue with 2.4gHz, in fact it could potentially be very beneficial as the transmitter in my bag would have no change of messing with my UHF talent receivers.


All the other things are not a big deal for me. I have some Lectro SMDA transmitters that don't have removable antennas, it's not a big deal. They are actually less clunky than my SMQV with removable antennas.

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