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Tony Burns

Sound Guys Tablet Mount

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Hi everyone, I just got this in and thought I'd share just in case anyone was looking for something like this for their bag. Recently I've started using my iPad Mini for Wingman and I was looking around for something to mount it to my bag. This seemed to be the only ready-made thing out there that I could find, and it works pretty well so far!


A few nitpicks on it, none of them dealbreakers to me. I wish it would've come with some velcro strips included. Wasn't a problem for me because I already had a big roll, but I would've been sad otherwise (not a very big deal at all though). Since it's plastic I could see there being longevity issues with it, I probably would've gladly paid a few more bucks for an aluminum version. I do feel like I'm going to need to baby it a little bit for transport, and I can't leave it mounted in the bag.








All-in-all a pretty good solution for someone like me who doesn't ever work out of a cart!

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I made a similar one out of painted sheet metal with a similar bend ...works great, but, mine sits under my bag when on the mini cart..that way I can still see and access it without it interfering with all my pockets, antennas, BDS etc. on the top front of my bag rig.

Simply attached with Velcro...

The bend on mine is upside down...so the unit is correct when looking down on it..

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