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how to solve this, lavalier noises.


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I had some new elastic bands for lavalier, I used Sennheiser ew100 g2 and sanken cos 11 with the rm 11, well fitted in an invisible pocket in the wrapped around the chest,  but this is the result, I am quite depressed and will not spend many words, any advice to solve this?
this is a clip with a poly file, 1boom 2 lav 1 3 lav2, I have the problem on both the lavs.


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  When miking with hidden lavs... a LOT of different variables.. Beards, hairy people, wardrobe, where the head is turning, what the action is.., what the talent is actually doing during shot, gear used, on and on and on...


  It takes YEARS to quickly and easily go to the right gear, mounting positions, hardware etc to get it all right...THE FIRST TIME...


Be patient, learn through mistakes, watch others, use good tools and it will come to you... there is no magic bullet same as there is no magic do all mic...  It's all really time and exposure to the craft.


My boom op looks at everything.... and right away puts together a plan after taking everything into account going on in that scene.. 95% of the time he's spot on... and everything sounds great... Now it's important to understand that once you find the right combo of solutions, you still MUST fluff and maintain the mounts from time to time. I always warn the talent we may irritate them from time to time to adjust things... that way they know in advance and are more receptive to the irritation..


If this was easy, any clown could do it... It's not... I wish everyone understood that... we can live or die daily with good or bad mic mounts... it is all super critical.

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1 hour ago, JWBaudio said:

Can you possibly post a photo of the rig? Sounds like rubbing against the capsule. I’d love to see how it’s mounted.


I did exactly this, used a lavstrap very similar to this with a sanken cos 11 and rm11 mounted in. the frustrating thing was that sometimes it worked beautifully but in this case was the cause of suffering.  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/audio/features/essential-problem-solving-accessories-lav-mics

i have never used the moleskin tape, since where I am located there is not this product or has another commercial name, (is it a dr scholls product?)  how thick is it, I read somewhere that the Rycote over covers are much more effective then moleskin so it has any more sense, are you agree with it?

another thing that noticed is that when I wrap the sanken capsule into a Rycote overcover and attach it on the skin, and loop the cable, the results are much better than using the rm 11, the problem starts when working on hairy chests

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Lots of factors affects the sound of lav while it is hidden. You might be the cable or sometimes just noisy shirt which you can’t do much about, if there is no chance to plan before hand. 

I would say boom and lavs combo. Sometimes you need to tell your associates, “for this one, I need my boom to be there, otherwise we can’t have it”. Or asking for changing wardrobe. I found if the costume is soft and cotton, micing is 90% done. You need to watch out hard shirt, suit, silk stuff.

There is no formula for everything. Today you successfully mic a polo shirt, tomorrow same technic, might have problem with another person with same type of polo shirt. 

Just try and try and try make it the best out of it. End of day, you could deal with most of situation. 

Never end learning.

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