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Low loss Antenna cable termination

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I have a couple lectrosonics ARG 50 cables that i would like to cut and reterminate in half lengths. Has anyone seen these bulky BNC connectors or have any idea how to install them


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Hmm what kind of coaxial is that? RG213+? 


That looks like a somewhat Frankenstein BNC connector. It's very unsual to attach thick coax cables to BNC connectors directly, but I found





The ones that would work for you would be (depending on the actual coax cable used by Lectronics) are the RG213+ or the Airborne/Ultraflex/Ecoflex. 


There is an easier approach, probably easier to terminate and with a minimal impact. Use N connectors (easier to find and certainly easier to install for those thick cables) and an N-BNC adapter. With good quality adapters the losses are really ridiculous. 


Speaking of low loss coax cables, there are thinner alternatives with excellent performance if you want an alternative. These thick coax cables use to be very stiff and heavy.


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I forgot. In order to find the right part number it's mandatory to identify the coaxial cable. Otherwise you could introduce some loss, which of course you don't want given that you are using low loss coax ;)


Gosh I can be sloppy at times, sorry.


So Lectrosonics say that it's Belden 9913F7 which is RG8.


I found these references from Amphenol (one of the best known brands). These ones are crimp plugs, not soldering. Maybe easier to fit.




Anyway, if ordering somewhere, specify the brand and type of cable (Belden 9913F7). Any knowledgeable electronic components vendor will be able to match it. And beware el-cheapo RF connectors from unknown sources... If only I could describe what I saw at the Gates of Tannhauser...

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