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So, antenna issues with 941

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32 minutes ago, Jaspar said:

If I get a receiver in this block, what external antenna should I get?

You should get the ones that come with the unit, or Lectro sells a special Sharkfin style I believe suited for 941 to better answer your question.. I think I read that somewhere..

  You could also call them and get the measurements for cutting your own... for transmitters and whips..My guess is the whips and the tranitter antenna will be short..but I have not seen one..

If they sell the units, they will sell the antennas otherwise, what's the point..

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This is currently the only Antenna on the Market that will cover all your needs if you are running transmitters from 470-960.  While its expensive its also the first Antenna on the market with Adjustable frequency filters I believe.  It could be split passively to feed both 941 and A1/B1.  I think a lot of us with bat wings that don't filter out the 600 band are going to start to feel more interned from T-Mobile blasting in 600...

LFA with BNC connector, Selectable Filter HP: 470/520/550 MHz + LP: 617/663/698 MHz, Fixed Filter 935 ÷ 960 MHz (Europe/Usa)

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Several points about the antenna:

1. It has 3 dB of forward gain compared to a regular dipole or whip, a small amount of rejection at the rear and is broadband due to the angled reflector and fat arms.

2. The silver metal flange at the rear is for permanent mounting and can be bent at the various notches to handle any mounting surface.

3. There is a Lectro stand mounting kit but right now I'm getting a 404 error. You can see it on the data sheet though:    https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/All-Accessories/product/pca900-2.html#data-sheet

4. Please note that this antenna says "VERT" rather than "UP". (See we learn, we're just slow.)


Best Regards,

Larry Fisher


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