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Lav hiding accessories for side-address lavs (like Lectro M152, VT500)?

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There are some lav hiding accessories out there, but most I think are for end-address mics like DPAs and Sankens. I've been using DPAs and in have found the DPA concealers brilliant for most TV/reality situations. However, one of my DPAs broke (I've yet to confirm if it's the MicroDot connector or, somehow, the capsule) and for a backup I turned to the Lectrosonics M152/5P which I hadn't really bothered to try out that much even. Lo and behold, it sounded ok. Now I'm wondering if anyone knows of any nice mounting solutions for them, since the side-address grill gives less flexibility when taping them. Rycote Overcovers work in some situations for instance, but unlike an end-address mic you can't really do it the other way around, meaning taping to the clothing and having the fur against skin to minimize rubbing sound.


Hush Lavs and cutting a hole to the side? Something else? Input appreciated.



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I'm back from a couple of weeks of reality mixing with a rental kit that had only VT-500's as lavs. Did well enough with Overcovers Advanced with the new, improved Stickies, but I didn't run into anything particularly difficult. Having a couple of Overcovers with the hair cut shorter helped in some cases, it's a nice, fast, low-profile package with wind protection. If I need to do more work with side-address lavs I'd also like to have Ursa Soft Circles on hand. Apparently Voice Technologies make a concealer, the dimensions might be compatible with other side-address lavs as well, but it seems pretty thick and large. It's probably compatible with soft circles and Overcovers with the O-shaped stickies.


I'm not sure if this is a trait common to all side-address lavs, but at least the VT-500's seem more sensitive to wind noise than other lavs that I've come across. It seems like the diaphgram is more exposed to wind since it's facing outwards from the body instead of up (or down) like usual. The Overcovers really pulled their weight, since it's been pretty windy where I've been working.

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