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Countryman B2D or DPA 4080

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I am looking for a cardioid lavalier for some forthcoming works. They are not going to be hidden underclothes, just need to be "visibly discreet". I narrow down my searches to theses models. But I cant have access to them before buying (no audio shop within 8 hours of flight), so i am looking for any opinion about which one will sound the best. I also need the lav to be functionnal with a little furry wwindscreen as some interviews can happen in ventilated terrace or patio.


Thanks in advance for any advice

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4080 sounds great, I think has a bit too much low end roll off (they’re really trying to counteract its proximity effect, though it still sounds great as all DPA lavs do) but is far far from visually discreet. Quite large, especially on a tie clip. Can’t speak to the countryman, it may be smaller. 

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