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USB-C Connector

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Physically I find firewire to make a much better electrical connection.


The USB-C connectors that I've seen just moving them up and down, will break the electrical connection, or just a slight pull will completely disconnect.


It could be that Apple USB-C connectors are extremely bad.

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6 minutes ago, Wandering Ear said:

They are definitely not a professional grade connector, but they shouldn't be intermittent either.


Agreed, it’s too flimsy. At least it’s reversible, I don’t know how many FireWire accidents were caused by reversed plugs.


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USB-C is 2X as fast. 10Gbps. Thats a difference between one hour or thirty mins on a 64GB card. 


"The latest advance to come out of the USB Implementers Forum is the USB Type-C connector, a device with gigabits of bandwidth and can handle enough current to power a laptop. It’s the future, even if Apple’s one-port wonder isn’t."




The USB C is more robust than it appears. I recently pushed a small HD off the desk and it swung from the USB C port on my MacBook Pro. I was surprised that the small USB C port did not get bent or wonked in any way. The HD never ejected, it stayed booted. I was very surprised myself that it did not eject the drive.


USB2-USBC adapters, cables and accessories are not created equal. Some will work, some will not, depending on if they paid Apple.


I was initially hesitant towards USB C, after using it for 7 months. I hardly think of it twice. 


On 7/13/2018 at 11:24 AM, Wandering Ear said:

tape the cables down so they don't get bumped / pulled during a show.

+1, this is gospel. 

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More info on the USBIF, from Universal Serial Bus Website


About USB Implementers Forum, Inc.

USB Implementers Forum, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded by the group of companies that developed the Universal Serial Bus specification. The USB-IF was formed to provide a support organization and forum for the advancement and adoption of Universal Serial Bus technology. The Forum facilitates the development of high-quality compatible USB peripherals (devices), and promotes the benefits of USB and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing. Some of the many activities that the USB-IF supports include:

  • USB Compliance Workshops 
  • USB compliance test development 
  • www.usb.org Web site 
  • USB pavilions at Computex, IDF, and other events 
  • Marketing programs and collateral materials, such as retail newsletters, retail salespeople training, store end-caps, etc. 
  • USB Developer Conferences 
  • and many more... 

Board of Directors

The USB-IF, Inc. Board of Directors is composed of the following companies and their designated representative Directors:

  • Apple - Dave Conroy
  • HP Inc. - Alan Berkema 
  • Intel Corporation - Brad Saunders 
  • Microsoft Corporation - Toby Nixon  
  • Renesas Electronics - Philip Leung
  • STMicroelectronics - Joel Huloux
  • Texas Instruments - Anwar Sadat

Corporate Officers

The USB-IF, Inc. Corporate Officers are:

  • President & COO - Jeff Ravencraft 
  • Chairman - Brad Saunders, Intel Corporation
  • Vice-President - Alan Berkema, HP Inc.
  • CTO - Abdul R. Ismail, Intel Corporation
  • Treasurer - Philip Leung, Renesas 
  • Secretary - Alan Berkema, HP Inc.

Working Committees

The USB-IF, Inc. Working Committees and their Chairpersons are:


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