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2018 IATSE Contract Forum on Facebook

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Hi everyone, 


I wanted to share this Facebook group that is growing and growing with IATSE brothers and sisters from all locals. There are almost 13,000 members at the moment. You can get informed about the current contract negotiations and the ratification vote happening soon.


If you are either for or against ratifying the contract, there is some great discussion and information happening.







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The contract has not been released yet for members to go over those exact details but from what has been discussed, it seems to me there are many loopholes that producers can use to take advantage. If you are interested, send me a message and I can send you a Google Doc someone made of all the information each local has given to their members. 

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Good discussion about the contract is what we need but that Facebook page is something different and it worries me.  The Vote No folks on the forum represent mainly just 1 Local's minority opinion but they've made it very unpleasant for anyone to express a different viewpoint, let alone a more accurate one.  The message that we should stick together and always try to get as much as we can is something we all agree with, but their spin on this contract and their attack on the other 12 Locals and their leaders is anything but a show of solidarity.  Bottom line... this contract meets the goals that the 13 Locals set out to achieve... it contains more gains than anything in the last 25 years years... and it gives us a much stronger foundation for our contracts going forward.  To blow it up now and put everything back on the table for discussion would be truly self-destructive.

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I disagree. There have been some heated debates and attacks on both sides but I have informed myself of the issues and have read about both positions in the forum. Even from Business Agents that were in the room during negotiations and that want to ratify. As people have cooled off from their initial reaction, some good discussions have taken place and people are being respectful for the most part. 


That might be your bottom line, but I am more inclined to vote no at the moment. In my opinion, the second largest local is not a minority and there are folks from many locals agreeing with their stance. So much so that only 11 locals ended up signing Matt Loeb’s letter. 

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