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New to Nagra!!

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On 9/9/2018 at 2:53 AM, JonG said:

@Glen Trew I strongly disagree with this statement, not discounting your expertise, but you know I’m a big Nagra fan too and they do add a little something that digital machines don’t have. I did a movie last year that wanted me to use a Nagra and listening side by side with my digital mix track, it was night and day as far as that special something. Granted the Nagra I used was one of Dan Dugans hot rodded Nagras, so you know those are a lot quieter and high performance than a stock Nagra, but non the less it was a superb experience and the movie sounds great!


I'm sure the movie sounded great, as did so many others recorded with the Nagra 4 series (including IV-S). But that "something special" can only be distortion, whether it's the harmonic type or tape hiss, or the effect of being over-driven into tape saturation or the hard-hitting, slow to recover nagra limiter (tape saturation being the preferred option for me), necessary with analog tape because of the need to record with only 12dB of headroom above the 0VU reference to minimize tape hiss. Instead of comparing one recording to the other, but the more telling test is to compare each recording to the mic, itself, and listen for which is the closest. Assuming that all the links in the chain are properly set with both the analog tape and nonlinear recorders, the closest to the original signal will be always the 48K, 24 bit digital recording.

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