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Cantar X3 Mini Rig - 2x QRX100, QRX200,BSRF,Np1 (in progress),0

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So a friend of mine and me are making a portable set without any bag. so rigid mounted to be used on your belly or trowed on a cart :)

First a wooden prototype since i dont like to spend allot of expensive materials on testing and shuffling around holes components and such. Thats good since i changed rather much :)



Then the final material,  the material is a composite from aluminum and HDPE foam, witch makes it rather light and still quit stiff., it has been cut on my CNC. 


In between the Cantar and the frame there is an aluminum bar that prevents the Cantar from faling if somehow the composite material would fail.  the hooks from the harnas would still be connected (the receivers will still be saved by the shear amount of cables) the rig will have an hawkwood low profile NP1 (NPC-SQN4S) and because it has a feature to let the Np1 stick out slightly you could change it out with one hand if needed. in this case my friend is a lefty :) so it is on the left.

The inputs and outputs where mounted by a company in this angled aluminum, works great but for our outputs we might need to think of something that does not stick out as much. Since it will be staying in the Rig, i opted for using chassis XLRS somehow.... not sure yet. but that would decrease stickout so much it will be on par with the inputs.... aah well who knows.

there is enough room for cablin and since there is room between the Cantar and the rig, this is the space where all the coaxial cabling goes from the receivers towards the BSRF that will be sitting underneath the crown just under the usb's. 

The HIgh gloss finish of the material was not chosen :)  just what i had :( still looks nice.....but it wont in a week or 4  !



Tomorrow final fit, i did not attach the second half and put the receivers in etc since cabling , i guess he has an opinion about :)







proto 7.jpg

proto 8.jpg




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On 11 August 2018 at 6:05 PM, WrineX said:


proto 8.jpg


I actually liked the wood - but am also into 'non-wood' ...


Being quite an admirer of the Cantar (I used either the X1 or X2 on features but not the X3) I understand why users might prefer the TA3 inputs for radio mics but for me there should always have been a factory option (or plug-plate block thing) for XLRs.


This 'run around' pic for me really sums it up ... might, or could, Aaton be able to make an XLR option? Seemed like there was the height space to do so when the Mini was introduced. Six full sized (and full weight) XLRs on a sled seems to miss much of the point of 'mini' (although I'm sure many Mini owners looked, like I myself did, at having the X3 features we needed at a lesser price than the X3).


Jez Adamson

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Well it is done, except for the hawkwood Np1 holder that is now udnerneith (not yet in the picture) the receivers and you can see on pic 4 you can grab it out on the left side and put a new one in. cabling could be  more tight, but that resulted in some new cabling, and i think he is gone use these until they are up for replacement.

we might make a new XLR thing for the ouputs by putting 6 XLR chassis into a block and pot it with resin. so they dont stick out as much as they are doing now.  the inputs are not in the way iof anything so they will remain as is. 






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Wow. That is quite a rig ---  sort of a OneUnit but using the Cantar Mini. All those interconnect cables would drive me crazy but I guess there is no way around that.

Thanks for sharing those images.

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5 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

Show this thing with you wearing it, like "in action"!

Well i would if i would use it for work :) but i dont do sound recording anymore :)

ill ask my m8 if he can send me a pic, although he uses it mostly on top of one of my carts. and is able to just unhook it and use it on his belly :) hehe

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