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Sennheiser / Zax Lemo - Line Socket

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Has anyone sourced a Line Socket (to go on a cable rather than a panel) that mates with the Lemo connector used on mics wired for pro-series Sennheiser, Zaxcom, or Lectro SSM transmitters? Even Lemo's online tech support seem confused by which model matches the keyways etc. If you've found one that works, can you please share the model number? I need to make some adapters for mics wired for Senn Lemo, to plug into Lectrosonics PDRs. I can't swap or re-wire the mics. I've seen the Kortwitch solid-body adapters that Gotham sells, they work but the overall length of the plug plus adapter is a problem sticking out the top of the pack, so I'd prefer to make adapters with an inch of cable in between so they can fold back down the side of the TX.

Thanks, nick

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or something to that effect, your lemo dealer should be able to correct it.

I use these to build adapters all the time and they work great!

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