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I have a problem with my Lectrosonic UH400A


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Hi there,

I have a UH400A Lectrosonics Butt Plug and is having some kind of weird noise whenever I plug onto my shotgun Mic. I have tested it with many cables on different mounts and the noise is still there even when its on my cinela piannisimo(internal cabling) . It has proven that the high pitch noise is def coming from the UH400A. I have recorded a proof of the noise issue and wondering if any of the user encountered a similar problem? Love to hear your solution before deciding to send it back to the mothership for repair!
Kindly click on the link to listen to the recording.
I've also uploaded as an attachment here if case you can't download through the link. Please help!


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5 hours ago, Glen Deakin said:

May help to know what mic you are using that's causing you misery

. Does this happen with all your mics or just the particular mic?


It happens to the DPA 4017B and Sanken CS3E. Wrote an email to the lectrosonics and their reply was that it might be the RF leakage is making its way to the microphone through the cable because when I have the butt plug on a long cable and clip the butt plug on belt.. the noise will be gone. They recommended the RF choke adapter MCA-M30 by lectrosonics designed for this purpose. Problem is that I wish not to add load onto the mount if possible. Plus, the adapter only work on certain mics.. hence why I'm looking for alternative solution

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16 hours ago, Glen Deakin said:

Believe Ithe RF choke is called


Würth 744212100


It was mentioned in a schoeps CCM cinela thread so it might work???


Thank you for your help! manage to use 'rf choke' as keyword for my search and found some solutions. That part would work great rather than having the lectrosonic adapter which I think its abit clunky to have it on the boom mount. Cheers!




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On 10/20/2018 at 9:13 AM, gavin said:


here it is...


I need to do this with my DPA4017 and 4018 header cables...

apparently the B pre amp fixes this too



I have already found the problem. The UH400A is leaking a RF signal into the audio path. After further troubleshooting. the high pitch noise is there even there is no microphone plugged on. 


I soldered the wurst into 1 of my switcraft XLR and it works. eliminate the pitch totally to all my microphones but no luck with other XLR connectors or even my CINELA. Guess I have to send the UH400A back to lectrosonics. Thank you guys for the advise!

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