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Sonosax M2D2

Trey LaCroix

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9 hours ago, OnTheSoundSideOfLife said:


And most likely mono.

Maybe, maybe not? Who knows. 
Their current Tentacles are capable of outputting stereo though. 



10 hours ago, daniel said:

+1, yep, yes and definitely. I'm pretty sure so many of us would have bought 1 in a heart beat if had a built in recorder. I'm not going to say they missed an open goal because maybe there was something like a legal reason not do this - anyway here's to something like an R2D2 if ever happens. 

I'd say there was a legal (read: Zaxcom) reason why they couldn't:

On 1/17/2020 at 9:19 AM, JAX said:


The US version is the same as the European version, with the 136dB dynamic range.



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10 hours ago, Jeremtools said:

Yes his is The nex step ! A little spdr to replace the iPhone !


17 hours ago, henrimic said:

You are absolutely right. With AES input and TC included, it’s the perfect combo for a really light, no compromise recoding system. 

If going that route, it may be worth reading the SPDR thread first. There are some observations that may or may not be of interest depending on intended use: 


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