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DPA 3mm lav mic


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After all the build up hype, DPA has now announced the details of their new mic (it is teeny tiny!):

Allen Lee Williams III ("Sound Speeds") has published his review:



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1 hour ago, Matthias Richter said:

needs 5V Minimum for full performance 





To add to what Pete is saying, both DPA and Zaxcom have improved their products drastically where this has become a non-issue IMO. DPA's core technology (which is available in this newly released mic) has done great work at reducing the THD and expanding dynamic range overall, and Zaxcom's newest transmitters (ZMT, etc) have improved pre-amp circuitry. I would invite you to try them and hear for yourself.


1 hour ago, Matthias Richter said:

That being said I even find the 4063 bit noisy when used in a quiet environment 

But that is low DC and low sens. 

Maybe the 6060 is just doing fine on Zaxcom.


Try a 4060/1 Core (or this new 6060/1) with the same transmitter. I think you will appreciate the difference.

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hi paul,

5 hours ago, Paul Garafola said:

Muffled, no HF at all.

that was, to some extent, also my first impression after using 4060s for years and years. definitely missing some brilliance and definition. i have to say that i just bought one 6060 to see what its like working with them. i will definitely stay with the 4060 as main lavs, but when space is limited, the 6060 is stellar, in spite of a slight quality loss (IMHO).


 forum members: what is your experience, when comparing 6060 to 4060 ?





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29 minutes ago, Trey LaCroix said:

I prefer the 6060 to the 4060. It has a low end that blows me away for a lav. Cuts with a boom so nicely.


Wow.  Your post further proves to me that I got a dud.

If the one that I got was cut with the booms we all use...  Ha!  DPA would be mortified.


Have a listen


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What kind of connector do you use? 


I had ordered a dpa 4060 with a fixed 3.5mm jack some time ago and it didn't work with the 3,5mm jack on the Tascam DR-10CS (Sennheiser Version). Strangely enough it worked perfectly fine on other Recorders with 3,5mm jack, like a Zoom H1 for example. Kortwich told me that the DPAs don't work properly with the Tascam recorder and have to be modified. But the better solution would be to pick up a Sanken cos-11 and so I did, because I wanted to use the Tascam Recorders. Some manufacturers seem to make strange wireings on some of their connectors.



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