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Help - Flashing Freq on SRb???


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So today I encountered something I’ve never seen on my SRb. I was using them in dual mode and everything was working fine. Talent left set with their TXs still on, out of range, and then came back to set. Channel 2 had mysteriously stopped passing audio. I thought it was the Tx, but I tuned channel 1 to channel 2’s freq and it was picking it up fine. The odd thing is when I go to the channel 2 freq page on the SRb, the number is flashing, channel 1 doesn’t do this and my other SRbs don’t do this regardless if they are picking up a Tx signal or not. It’s not a pilot tone thing or compatibility thing. What does this flashing frequency mean? To add to

the oddness, I powered it on and off many times which didn’t help. Once I got home and powered it up again, it is fine, flashing stopped. Any ideas?

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