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Regarding Mojave (10.14)

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I updated last week using a beta version and I installed the official one yesterday. 


I immediately noticed significant performance enhancements in several areas even on my 2010 Mac Pro. And this is what BJ Buchalter (Metric Halo) says about it:


"In fact, we have found that Mojave actually fixes a number of old macOS bugs and generally improves performance all-around (especially CPU load for graphics updates and Ethernet packet handling). 

It also appears that Apple has improved the user experience when installing new kernel extensions (drivers). High Sierra had a number of UX problems and bugs with third party driver installation that seem to have been improved with Mojave. For Metric Halo customers that rely on our drivers for their devices, this is an important improvement."


BJ's comment about Ethernet is really significant. While my "feelings" are not backed with actual, rigurous measurements, Metric Halo has adopted Ethernet as transport for their new 3d interfaces. Which means that they are examining Ethernet performance with a microscope, it's critical for them now and they need real time frame delivery.


Apart from all these improvements there is a new very significant twist in security and privacy: They are beginning to restrict the access from applications to several file system areas. In short, unless the user allows it, a vulnerable text editor (think about the typical Word security issues in Windows) will not have access to the address book and other important files.


I guess that in one or two future releases they will complete the isolation measures between applications. I have my own ideas on how to do it but it's a very major change from a multitasking operating system to a "multi application" one and they wlll do it step by step. They have been going this route for 10 years now, slowly but steadily.


So far so good, seems that this release is comparable to what Snow Leopard was. Very significant inside changes, all of them for good. Excellent news even if most of the improvements are barely noticeable by a user.

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typo, wrote performance where I wanted to say privacy

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Avid will reply with a costly update moments before Apple comes out with their costly new machines that don't connect to the real world.  And the cycle will start all over again. 


Oh, and then all the plug-in manufacturers will scramble to catch up.



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