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Tom Polkamp

Tentacle Sync Workflow

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7 hours ago, John Blankenship said:


It appears you misunderstood my comment.  I have no issue with this or other manufacturers discussing their products.  I embrace those discussions as beneficial to our community. I do, however, strongly disagree with his posture that a “clapper board is outdated by 20 years.”


I own, use, and thoroughly appreciate a wide variety of the latest technology and a slate is also a standard, frequently-used part of the kit. Likewise for other pro mixers I know. It’s misleading to any newcomers to characterize a slate as “outdated.”




My bad. With you on slates too. Scripted, multiple takes of same shot, pick ups etc, everyone focused & in record, finding things on the day and later on. No brainer really.

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Interesting, I probably should get one of these. But a simple bongo tie has been working out pretty well for me! Or if I must, velcro. 



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Been using the Tentacle Sync E for a little while now, recently updated the firmware and came across a weird issue with it and was wondering if anyone else suffered from this (or had a solution). 


At the start of the day I got to Jam TC from our Zoom F8 to the Tentacle Sync E, goes from red mode to green mode, all looks good. When viewing the app before I click on the specific Tentacle the TC is synced between the two devices. However, when I go to click the Tentacle (to get into the menu to change settings, etc.) now the TC is roughly 1 sec ahead of the mixer. I switch over the Timebar App (which Tentacle says is accurate) and it again appears to be synced. Going back to the Tentacle app, same thing, before you click the specific Tentacle they appear to be synced but when clicking on it, it goes to 1sec off. 


Hopefully you all can follow that logic. I've tried resetting it and resyncing but the same thing happens. I wasn't sure what else to do, as this has happened a few times now over the past month or so, well really every time I've used it the past two months I would say. It even happened before the firmware update, so I was hoping that would fix it but it did not. 

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