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Tax questions for Canadian mixers

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Hello!  I'm curious as to how everyone else in Canada is categorizing some of their expenses in their tax forms.  Some things are obvious (expensive gear for instance), but some of the smaller stuff seems less obvious.  For instance, do you claim the following items as

A) Class 12 CCA asset?

B ) Office expense?

C) Office stationary and supplies?


- cables

- batteries

- straps and pouches

- lav mics under $500

- SD cards

- items that can only be used attached to Class 8 assets, such as a wingman dongle or an antenna, and purchased with a Class 8 asset (but has a separate line on an invoice)


I realize your bookkeeper may be making these calls, but I suspect there may be inconsistency in how it is applied.  Thoughts?



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I put all of those under a general "materials and supplies" expense, as per my accountant's instructions. They're all expendables that get used up as you run your business (even lavs... they break and need to be replaced fairly often). Only big-ticket gear purchases get classified as assets that need to be depreciated.

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Also check with your accountant as to what category of CCA different types of gear are eligible. ie: computer gear has a different amortization schedule than other hardware items. As a lot of our gear can now reasonably be categorized as a "computer" it can be written off faster. Make sure your accountant/advisor signs off on this route. Like Rob posted, I treat most other gear purchases as expendables/expenses. I have a line item for repairs/maintenance also ie: I replace a broken or old part. There is no difference in claiming the expense, but it helps me track how mch maintenance costs for my gear.

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