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Boom Op Kits

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Been doing some research and was wondering what people use when being a boom op (or give to their boom ops). Been talking with mine recently and we are trying to figure out how to make his kit better and more useful. Right now he just has a little pouch that we put some spare batteries and moleskin in so he can quickly fix loose lavs or replace a battery. 


Any input here would be much appreciated.  

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I can only talk from my own experience. Some things that makes my life easier is some 3/4 gloves that I can make full length when needed. I like carrying some precut moleskin/kineseotape, double sided tape, stickies, a scissor, velcro. Oh and I like a wireless feed even when using a cabled boom as it makes the setuptime a bit quicker.

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If the boom op is doing the wiring of talent then they should have a lav-bullet and the Remote lav-rod dingus with the correct connector for the lav mics in use, a few sorts of tape and maybe a spare vampire if you are using those.  A flashlight, an AC tester and some spare TX and Comtek batteries (supplied by me) should be close by, esp if the cart (and me) are at some distance from the action; the farther away the more gak they need with them.

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Small pen flashlight, AA,AAA, transpore, moleskin, fresh sharp razor, small sharp scissors, spare TX, spare LAV, small pen form multi screwdriver, 7506’s, sunscreen, lip balm, sun hat, fingerless or two finger gloves, LAV bullet/rod, sharpie, pen, all carried in a hip pouch. 



extra credit-

spare comtek/IFB

label maker

spare TX ankle wrap




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All good suggestions.


I never go on a set without a Swiss Army knife. I prefer the "Rambler" model. It's very small, about the size of the "Classic," small enough to go on a keyring. The Rambler adds a bottle opener and a phillips screwdriver to the blades in the Classic.


When assisting a mixer, I would also carry a Leatherman or Gerber folding tool that incorporates portable pliers and wire cutting capability.


A boom operator should also have a black T-shirt or pullover available so as to avoid reflections or a distraction for the performer.


Breath mints are also a good addition to the kit.


Earplugs can be useful if the shoot has gunfire.



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When I worked as a boom op I had a Zuca bag filled with stuff I could use. It also served as a stand for the boom so I could put it away at times. I wanted to be able to quickly mount extra mics, if needed, and different amounts of tape. Batteries, straps, lavs etc.


i also had a fanny pack or waist pack with small stuff. Mostly tape and a leatherman

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Check out Allan Williams video on YouTube about what he has in his boom kit. It’s a great video.


Your kit changes based on what you are working on but there should always be some basics. 

Here’s some of the stuff I have in my kit:


Headphones of choice (I use custom IEMS and also carry a spare set)




Hats for sun and cold weather

rain gear, boots

cold weather gear if applicable

spare set of clothes

microphone mounts that I prefer for all types of microphones 


i wear contacts so I have a

spare set and glasses

Custom boombox


the kit that I wear on my

person I have:

small scissors


gerber multi tool



misc lav expendables

lav bullet

small screwdriver set

spare batteries


i know I’m missing stuff but this should be a pretty good starting point


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I think it's a good idea to have whatever you have on your person as something you can put on or take off easily. It really helps with changing clothes and taking breaks. It's also useful if you have to plant your main boom mic. I like to use a belt with pouches, I'll change the loadout depending on the demands of the show.

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