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Werner Althaus

360 Video dialog panning convention

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I've done a few 360 video mixes uaing Audio Ease 360pan suite, usually music or outdoor ambiences and the occasional presentation where talent is always visible. I'm gearing up to mix a slew of 360 videos that'll feature on-location interviews (usually a lav on the subject, the interviewer standing "behind" the camera to be painted out). I have the 360 panning sorted out but I am curious about the panning convention when the video cuts away from the subject while he/ she is still talking, making the interview audio effectively non-diegetic. If the cutaway happens mid-sentence do I leave the point-source panning in place or dissolve into non-headtracking audio like what a Narrator would be? If we cut to the subject on camera mid sentence, do I dissolve from non-headtracking to headtracking pan? I'm also still on the fence whether to use Audioeases' "spatial blur" or a zero order (w channel only) bus to deal with this. IMO the spatial blur on HOA panners sounds phasey when monitored binaurally compared to a straight W-channel routing.


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