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Large Boom pole case

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Any suggestions on a case to hold a 63” Ambient carbon boom pole (collapsed length)? Not into the PVC DIY thing, and the Usual Suspects dont seem to have anything to hold a pole that size. It doesn't have to be a hard case for air travel.  


This is close...and a top contender. 



I’ve used a smaller version of this one  for years and it’s great...but not sure i want the unnecessary extra length. Right now it’s lives in a DIY cardboard tube (Painted black and a little Gaff for strength ), clearly disrespectful for a pole of its stature. 


Just curious what anyone else is doing? 



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I used the boom tubes in the past, and when checked with luggage and other production cases, I found them not to be particularly good at protecting your poles. The DIY PVC tubes are much better for that. 


In my case, the other production cases wedged my boom tube while being shuffled around and actually ripped off the latch and the top became completely disconnected. The boom slid partially out and was snapped in half by other pelican cases, only staying attached by the internal coiled cable. By some miracle the boom stayed inside the open tube all the way to when it was retrieved. Luckily it was a K Tek and they took care of me (and production upgraded my pole without knowing it too ;)  


Now I use a soft case by Gator that holds two poles because you never know. I just carry it on and give the airlines a hard time if they don’t like it. 

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On 10/12/2018 at 10:16 AM, acdave said:


In the past, I've had Mountain Cork make custom length tubes.

Quite inexpensive and easy.

Dave Wendlinger



Thanks Dave! It never occurred to me to see if they can make custom length. Going to reach out. 

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16 hours ago, Glen Deakin said:

Do you have a link for this soft case?


OneTigris Fishing Rod Case Bag Organizer Carry-on/Backpack extra Extendable 10" (47IN) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MY5FSR4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TCSWBbGNR5JER


No longer available but it gives you an idea. I keep my 16’ and 14’ Loon poles in there. They both have wings at the bottom, but you could probably fit three wingless poles inside. I like the idea of having one case for more than one pole. I used to bring two or three booms on jobs and having each in their own case was very cumbersome. This case even has pockets and pouches, and I can fit a denecke TS3 sized slate, and a number of other items in the front pouch as well. Really handy for being mobile. 

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