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Sanken Cos 11d PT new lav mics being shipped have very stiff cables

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Hello everyone,


Just introducing myself first, my name is Roy and i am new to this forum, this is my first post here,

I seek some help from the pros in the film recording industry.

I am a regular user of the Sanken Cos-11d PT, off late some of my lavs seem to have gotten worn out over time,

so i called for 4 new COS-11D PT capsules on the 20th of Oct 2018,

but unfortunately i have noticed that the new lavs being shipped have rather stiff cables,

which makes it quiet difficult to wire talent, as the cables cause a bulge under costumes,

my authorized dealer says that Sanken has now started shipping just these cables ,and the soft cables are not available anymore.


Has anyone that has recently purchased the COS-11D PT facing the same problems,

as im unable to find any info on the Sanken website or anywhere else on the internet,

pls help as im rather disappointed with these new cables, unless there is a valid reason.

Im considering returning them and opting for Countryman B6's or DPA 4063 lavs


Thanks in advance.


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I have a few new ones and they do seem a bit stiffer, but I assumed they will soften up with use.

I have never encountered a problem with a COS-11 cable and have been using them since the early 2000s.

No problems with showing through clothing on the newer ones so far.

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Thanks a ton for confirming my doubts, Jason and Jim 👍

ill give one of the 4 mics a try, n see how the cable behaves over time,

hoping that it gets a little flexible and dont bulge out now n then after that.

Meantime i shall request my dealer to give me some time to decide if i want to exchange them for the B6's.

will post an update as to how things pan out with the COS-11's

Thanks again guys.



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