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Comedians in cars getting coffee?

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 I am impressed with the sound. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of how it is produced? The convertible scenes are uncanny. The amount of clean sound in the cafes seems impressive. The host often brings a noisy car to the episode, and usually wears slim cut shirts that seem to pull and tug as he relaxes in a seated position, yet the sound seems clean. Maybe even too clean.


 I am wondering if the show depends on good luck, extraordinary amounts of over shooting, or magical post production clean up to get the clean sound I hear.


 It seems like these episodes are produced quickly, and without any retakes. Maybe I am naive, but the result doesn't seem like a typical documentary made up of occasional nat pops, sit down interviews, stand ups, and voice over. It seems like the success of the shoot depends on getting great sound even though the circumstances seem about as adversarial as they get for sound production.


 So, I am left wondering, and thinking that who ever is doing the work has got some skills, and I am wondering if they have any tips to share.


 Thank you.



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34 minutes ago, alenK said:

Hi Jason,

 Thank you for the reply. I will look for the articles you mention. I am very interested in the mic placement ideas. 


Thank you.

I may be wrong about the planted mics, but they said they have a day to record the sounds of the car (engine, exhaust, doors, creaks etc)

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I found, and remember having seen, the Gotham Audio car plant video. The placements seem fairly routine. The results seem remarkable.


I am very curious about the mic placement in the cafe scenes. Those shots remind me of how often I hear awful noises from hidden body mics while talent is squirming around between takes, but in this case the squirming around is on camera.

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